Welcome to the official website of Swat Youth Front. We hope you will find the information here relevant and useful to you. As a Non-Governmental organization we are committed to being open and accountable to you, and we actively pursue ways to keep you informed about our activities. Our website is one of the ways we do this.

Since 1997, the organization has been striving for Peace building, Tolerance and Human development in Malakand Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The complex emergency situation in the area has opened new horizons for the organization and during that sensitive and jeopardized situation SYF did not stay behind and put all its resources and energies to play its part in the promotion of peace, tolerance, conflict resolution and promotion of human rights. SYF’s programs and initiatives have supported the struggle of conflict survivors and marginalized communities in the past and will continue to be strengthened and expanded overtime. We believe in joint struggle and active participation of all the stakeholders in the development process and would extend our thanks and appreciation to all our partners, collaborators, supporters and volunteers whose generous backing enabled us to better the lives of many communities with whom we work. 

We hope that the website will give a detailed overview of the achievements which form a firm foundation for a prosperous future for SYF and will also serve to enable you to access a wide range of valuable information of SYF to better living standard of the people in Malakand Region.